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LCM Instructions

Release time:[2011-12-21]     Views:7086

First, during installation, the surface protective film to the whole assembly thrown off the end before they are made, so as not to dirty or contaminated, the panel should ensure smooth, resulting in the assembly will not be distorted.

Second, the operation should pay attention, LCD module assembly of high precision, by careful adjustment of the assembly is made, Please do not self-processing and finishing. Specifically: ① metal press box claws are not free to twist, demolition; ② Do not be freely modified, processing the PCB board outline, mounting holes, wiring and components; ③ Do not disassemble, modify the conductive rubber; ④ various stents are not free to modify the internal ; ⑤ Do not drop, hitting, bending, twisting.

Three, LCD module in the static CMOS-LSI will be destroyed, and sometimes the body will produce more than a few thousand volts of static pressure is very dangerous, so the operation, the installation process should pay particular attention: ① Do not just touch the outside hand leads, the circuit board and metal frame; ② If you must directly touch, the body must be grounded to ensure safety; ③ soldering iron should be grounded, there is no leakage; ④ electric screwdriver must be well grounded, there is no leakage; ⑤ not Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning; ⑥ air drying, but also easy to generate static electricity, so the workplace humidity should be above 50%; ⑦ floor, table, chairs, shelves, carts and workstations should be the formation of Ohmic contact to avoid electrostatic discharge; ⑧ or back packing and moving out of position when they need extra care not to static electricity. Are generally packed with anti-static packaging, so do not replace the packaging and discarded packaging. Electrostatic breakdown is irreparable damage, please be careful not slack.

Fourth, in the welding wire, interface circuit should pay attention: ① the soldering iron tip temperature: 230 ℃ ± 10 ℃; ② welding time: less than 3-4s; ③ solder materials: eutectic, low melting point; ④ Do not use acid flux .

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